Senior Financial Empowerment Initiative


We have witnessed the convergence of  the aging of our population with the tremendous loss of wealth in our area resulting from the foreclosure crisis and the Wall Street meltdown.  As the foreclosure crisis begins to ebb, ESOP has made a strategic decision to expand its mission to focus on the financial needs of this growing aging population.


Financial Stability Programs for Seniors

     If you’re 55 or older we have specific services geared to helping you make good financial decisions and maintain financial stability as you age; empowering you to age in place with a more secure financial future.  Our program can help you with the following services:


One-on-One Financial Counseling - Personalized sessions with our trained counselors will help you take a realistic look at your income and expenses and create an action plan tto improve your financial security.  Office or in-home counseling sessions by appointment only.


Senior Benefit Resources and Referrals - ESOP is a proud member of the Ohio Benefits Bank. We can assist you with determining what financial benefits you may be eligible for and help you apply for those benefits. 


For a complete list of Ohio resources to help seniors facing financial stuggles visit our Senior Financial Resources page.


Senior Financial Education Workshops - Seniors are often the targers of financial scams, fraud, abuse and exploitation.  Learn how to avoid being taken advantage of by strangers or even someone close you to.  ESOP conducts group classes (by request) and public forums using the Money Smart for Older Adults) curriculum developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the FDIC.  The workshops also cover budgeting, credit scores and how to plan for unexpected life events.


Senior Property Tax Loan - The ESOP Senior Property Tax Loan Program provides loans to homeowners age 55 and older to help them pay delinquent property taxes and avoid foreclosure. Borrowers must meet eligibility requirements and enroll in financial counseling services.  Click here for more information or call 216-361-0718.  


For more information contact Sonya Edwards, Director of Financial Counseling, at 216-361-0718 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..