Deadline Looms for Homeowners & up to $35K in Mortgage Help

April 8, 2014


Save the Dream Ohio Set to Stop Taking Registrations April 30th

CLEVELAND, OH – A critical foreclosure prevention program that has already saved nearly 17,000 homes from foreclosure is about to come to an end.  April 30th is the deadline for homeowners to register for Save the Dream Ohio and get up to $35,000 in assistance with their mortgage.


Save the Dream Ohio is designed to help struggling homeowners keep their homes in the event of a job loss, death of a spouse, overwhelming medical bills or some other financial hardship that may occur.  The program can be a lifeline for a laid-off worker who is looking for a new job or a widow who is dealing with the loss of a spouse and their income. It can pay past due mortgage bills, make mortgage payments for up to 18 months and eliminate liens and much more depending on the individual circumstances.


However, the federal funding for the program is running out.  Of the $570 million originally given to Ohio for the program there is approximately $100 million left.  That’s why anyone who needs assistance should act now and get registered for the program before time and money run out.


Struggling homeowners should contact ESOP call toll free at 1-877-731-ESOP and let a trained housing counselor help them figure out if they qualify for the program.  Counselors can get them registered and walk them through the full application process.


For more detailed information about the Save the Dream program visit