Despite Slight Decline Ohio Foreclosures Still High


For Immediate Release                                                        


CLEVELAND, OH – Today the Ohio Supreme Court released foreclosure numbers for 2012 and even though there has been a slight decrease in the overall number of foreclosures there is still a serious foreclosure crisis in Ohio. 

The number of Ohio foreclosure case filings decreased in 2012 by 1.5 percent.  That’s about 1,000 fewer cases than in 2011.  But there were still 70,469 new residential, commercial, and tax foreclosure case filings in 2012. 

“There is still a lot of work to be done to help Ohio homeowners,” said Roslyn Quarto, ESOP’s Executive Director.  “We are not surprised by the foreclosure numbers released today.  It matches up with what we’re seeing at our offices all over the state.” 

ESOP foreclosure prevention advocates are swamped every week with people who need help. Many of the people we’re seeing have suffered a loss of income. Companies making layoffs or cutting back workers’ hours are still putting a crunch on family budgets.

Today’s numbers underscore the need for continued funding of foreclosure prevention counseling and relief programs that help keep families in their homes and stabilize communities.  “Now is not the time to slash funding for housing counseling,” said Quarto.  “As legislators prepare the budget for next year it is critical that they recognize the important work of housing counselors as an investment in financially stable families and communities and an essential part of fueling the housing recovery.”