Holiday Help for Homeowners in Danger of Foreclosure


For Immediate Release

December 1, 2011



FREE Help for Homeowners in Danger of Foreclosure

Bellefontaine, OH – Monique Thompson, a single mother of two children, lost her job in June 2010. Unemployment benefits are only a fraction of her old salary. Determined to save her home while she looked for work, Monique immediately contacted her lender for help before getting behind on her mortgage. But she got nowhere.


She finally applied for the Restoring Stability program in April and was able to receive Rescue Payment Assistance and Partial Mortgage Payment Assistance.   Now she can enjoy the holiday season with her children in their own home.  “I do appreciate all the help that I have received from RS,” Monique says, “they have truly made it possible for me to keep my home and for that I am so grateful.” 

As many Ohioans prepare for a festive holiday with family and friends, others are worried if this may be the last holiday they spend in their homes.  While unemployment and underemployment make it difficult for homeowners to make ends meet foreclosures remain at crisis levels across Ohio.


But there is FREE help available!

Last year Ohio received $570 million dollars for a program called Restoring Stability.  The Ohio Restoring Stability program can give unemployed and underemployed homeowners up to $15,000 to help pay their mortgage.


ESOP is a non-profit, HUD-approved foreclosure prevention counseling agency.  We are helping local homeowners learn more about the Restoring Stability program and other options to save their homes from foreclosure. 


Spread the word to local homeowners about this FREE opportunity to get help!  Foreclosure prevention advocate LeAnnea Taylor is available for media interviews to explain the program and how to apply.  We can also connect you with Monique Thompson, local homeowners who has been through the program and received help.