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LeadingAge Magazine

Financial Counseling for Low-Income Seniors


Feisty Side of Fifty

The Critical Relationship Between Financial and Physical Health


Plain Press, December 2017 (page 3)

Article: ESOP receives Bank of America’s Neighborhood Builder Award


WKYC Square Talk, January 2017

Square Talk with Roslyn Quarto 

Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs, November 2016

Cuyahoga County Announces the Formation of the Scam Squad

Crain's Cleveland, September 2016

Third Federal Foundation Commits $500,000 to ESOP

Community Development Investment Center, Federal Reserve Bank of SF, September 2016

Staying at Home: The Role of Financial Services in Promoting Aging in Community

Enterprise Community Partners, March 2016

Ohio Report highliting ESOP Realty 


Lakewood Patch 3/14/2016

Lakewood Has A Way To Help Prevent Elder Fraud

WKYC 9/22/2015

ESOP Annual Luncheon & Awards (video)

ShelterForce 8/11/2015

Staying Afloat by Branching Out

ShelterForce 5/29/2015

Safe Banking for Seniors

Crain's Cleveland 2/13/2015

Who to Watch in Nonprofits

Legal Newsline Legal Journal 5/31/2013

Groups appeal to federal judge for fair lending data on homeowner relief 5/12/2013

Cleveland: Ground zero for the housing bubble 5/5/2013

Foreclosures fall across Ohio; Numbers still higher than historical norms 5/2/2013

Petitions urge Portman support for Cordray

Crain’s Cleveland Business 4/29/2013

Roslyn Quarto to lead foreclosure prevention group 4/29/2013

Roslyn Quarto named new executive director of ESOP, the foreclosure prevention group

The Blade            4/3/2013

Senate should give Cordray a vote as consumer chief

American Banker             2/27/2013

Civil Rights Groups Call for More Disclosure in Mortgage Settlement     

Housing counselors grilled settlement monitor Joseph A. Smith on why banks are not disclosing data that would show whether communities hit hardest by the foreclosures crisis are getting the bulk of the relief.

National Housing Institute          2/1/2013

ESOP Announces New Board President

After the loss of Founder and Board President Inez Killingsworth, the Board of Trustees has selected Barbara Anderson as its new president.

Call & Post 1/24/2013

Community leader Inez Killingsworth dies 1/18/2013

Inez Killingsworth, janitor turned statewide crusader for homeowners: news obituary

The Blade            12/16/2012

Community center lifts residents of central city

Inside Housing.UK          11/7/2012

The morning after

Barack Obama’s second term as president must see the US get to grips with its shattered housing market, argues Paul Bellamy     10/19/2012

Ohio Foreclosure Agency Honors Ocwen CEO

Annual Cleveland ESOP gala is Oct. 18 at Executive Caterers, Mayfield Heights

Inside Housing.UK

Housing's horror show

When president Obama was elected four years ago, millions of Americans hoped he would end their housing nightmares. On the eve of a new election, Lydia Stockdale examines whether voters are sleeping more soundly.

Rooflines, the Shelterforce Blog

Mortgage Strike

Now Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People, a combination housing counseling agency and organizing group, is launching a mortgage strike.

Underwater Ohioans Rebel for Principal Reduction Cause

Sometimes, to bring attention to what one considers to be an unjust law or policy, an act of rebellion occurs.  In Ohio, three current but underwater borrowers have decided to go on a mortgage strike as an act of civil disobedience against FHFA’s stance on principal reduction the lack of help to address underwater mortgages.

ESOP urging underwater homeowners to go on mortgage strike until lenders do principal reduction

Many banks took federal bailouts, and they can help stem the foreclosure crisis by keeping underwater homeowners from walking away from mortgages, ESOP says.


CLE agency calls for ‘mortgage strike’


Ohio mortgage counseling agency invites homeowners to stop paying 'underwater' mortgages


Homeowners Fall for Mortgage Strike

Three elderly Cleveland homeowners are taking a bold stand against their mortgage lenders in an effort to save their biggest investments. 


Housing Crisis Leading to Mortgage Strike?

The housing crisis has hurt so many hard working families.  So why is one group telling Cleveland homeowners to go on a mortgage strike?


An Update on the Foreclosure Crisis

More than a million and a half Americans have lost their homes since the foreclosure crisis that began in 2008. Four years later, we look at how Northeast Ohio is faring and whether the picture has improved for the 174,000 Ohio families affected by foreclosure. 


Saving homes from foreclosure

ESOP was in Akron Thursday evening, offering advice to home owners at a town hall meeting in the main library. WKSU’s Tim Rudell has more on what was said, and why.

OpEd: 'Underwater' homes drowning neighborhoods' chances to stabilize: Mark Siefert

WEWS - Newschannel 5

Cuyahoga County non-profits and NACA clash over mortgage help

County skeptical of NACA's return to Cleveland for foreclosure event


Cleveland: Foreclosure help event stirs controversy, showdown

ONN - Ohio News Network

Cleveland woman with lung disease promised help with mortgage, but receives nothing

After a year, she said they did nothing. Now, she's telling her story so others don't go through the same thing. 

WOIO - 19 Action News

ESOP:Foreclosure Scam Alert

So you are about to lose your home so you need a quick fix to save it. That's when scam artists swoop in to take advantage.

Local groups provide free foreclosure help, warn homeowners against scams

Local nonprofit housing agencies are offering  a series of free events this month to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Americans Brace for Next Foreclosure Wave

Half a decade into the deepest U.S. housing crisis since the 1930s, many Americans are hoping the crisis is finally nearing its end. House sales are picking up across most of the country, the plunge in prices is slowing and attempts by lenders to claim back properties from struggling borrowers dropped by more than a third in 2011, hitting a four-year low.

Ohio Designates $75M for Demolition; Should It Go to Borrowers?

With more than 100,000 vacant properties in the state, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine designated part of Ohio’s $335 million from the recent national settlement with the nation’s largest servicers for property demolition. However, not everyone agrees with the decision.

WEWS – Newschannel 5

ESOP director says housing crisis far from over despite lender agreement

A $25 billion-settlement over mortgage loan servicing and foreclosure abuses has been reached. Some say the deal between the justice department and five of the country's lenders is a relief.

Plain Dealer

Ohio homeowners, foreclosure victims to get millions in bank ...
Seifert, of Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People -- or ESOP -- said he's not impressed with interest rate reductions but said principal reductions ...

Cleveland News - Fox 8

Local Homeowners Applaud Mortgage Settlement
“It's a good first step, we've got a long way to go,” said Mark Seifert, executive director of Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People (ESOP).

WJW FOX 8 Cleveland

Obama Visits Cleveland Couple

Prior to his speech, the president made a stop at the home of a local couple who almost lost their home to a predatory lender.

President Obama visits Cleveland home of William and Endia Eason, walks away with sweet potato and peach pies

President Obama stopped at the Holborn Avenue home of Eason and her husband, William, Wednesday afternoon to bolster his argument that the country needs a strong watchdog agency to protect consumers. The Easons almost lost their Cleveland home after falling victim to a predatory lender.

Neighborhood Voice

Fighting for Cleveland Homeowners

Homeowners, neighborhood leaders and the nonprofit group Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People, better known as ESOP, launched a campaign urging federal officials, banks and mortage companies to save homes from foreclosure.

Barack Obama's visit is life-changing experience for William and Endia Eason of Cleveland

William and Endia Eason have become celebrities since President Barack Obama stopped at their Holborn Avenue home in Cleveland last week.

In Ohio, ESOP Pilots A Fresh Approach to Mortgage Modification

The organization ESOP had helped Martin renegotiate that loan; now, unemployed and in fear of losing his family’s home, he turned to ESOP again. The result, after Martin enrolled in a principal reduction modification loan from Ocwen Financial Corporation, was that his mortgage payment went down to $640 per month. On top of that, the principal loan on the house—which is rapidly depreciating in value—will be reduced by $34,000 each year for three years, for a total reduction of $112,000.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Like a mechanic with no tools?

Tim Geithner might be Endia Eason’s new best friend. If he lived in Cleveland, she’d probably bake him a pie.

So why would a 91-year-old woman in southeast Cleveland want to bake a pie for the U.S. treasury secretary?

Because lately, Geithner has been publicly nudging Senate Republicans who have hamstrung a new consumer protection agency – created to protect homeowners like Eason, and to stop what happened to her from happening to other people.

Chillicothe Gazette 

Organization provides workshop about how to get help paying a mortgage

‎Call Staci Tinney, ESOP foreclosure prevention advocate, at (800) 209-3251. To begin the application process and to learn more about Restoring Stability, ...

Chillicothe Gazette 

ESOP working with Restore Stability

CHILLICOTHE --Restore Stability With ESOP is working with unemployed and underemployed Ohioans in the Restoring Stability online application process. ...

Big Government 

Richard Cordray's 'Heroes' Occupy Banks and Private Homes

Cordray has long supported ESOP, formerly known as the East Side Organizing ... ESOP's leaders brag about what they call their “organized hits” on banks and ...


Help to those Facing Foreclosure

Families facing home foreclosure can get free assistance and funding through the nonprofit organization, "Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People. ...

Human Events

Seifert: GOP Opposition to Cordray 'A Song and Dance'

A leading consumer advocate from Ohio, the home state of the director-designate of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), in an October 19 interview called on Republicans to quickly confirm the nomination.

Benjamin Rose Institute

Myth Busters: Inez Killingsworth

At  62, when she “retired” and could have kicked back and coasted into her golden years, Inez Killingsworth began her second career: as the tell-it-like-it-is, community champion and guiding force at what is now Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People.  

WJW Fox 8 News

Program Offers Free Money for Mortgage Assistance

 If you are unemployed and struggling to pay your mortgage, there is free money available to those who qualify.


Free money to save homes from foreclosure

Before your home belongs to the bank, you could get free money to save it.  Are you missing out on a share of $570 million to help pay your mortgage?


Organization Saves Woman From Losing Home

It was downhill for Vera Capretta of Masury after a surgery went wrong and kept her from working as a custodian.


Masury woman has advice for people about to lose their home to foreclosure

A Masury woman, whose home was saved from foreclosure, is encouraging others in her situation to get help too.

CBS Evening News

Fannie Mae foreclosure sell-off destroying neighborhood

Fannie Mae is the nation’s largest owner of foreclosed homes and is selling the repossess homes at 60 percent below market value.  As Elaine Quijano reports from Cleveland, these rock bottom prices are destroying the neighborhoods.

Angry Mount Pleasant residents confront landlord over unkempt properties

Angry residents from Cleveland's Mount Pleasant neighborhood confronted a landlord over unkempt properties during an hour-long meeting at the York Rite Masonic Hall on Kinsman Avenue Tuesday evening.

Mark Seifert of Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People: Talk with the Boss

Mark Seifert is executive director of the nonprofit Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People, but being the boss didn't start out as a career goal.

Toledo Blade:


Help clean up mess in housing

America's foreclosure crisis continues to drag down the national economy and Toledo neighborhoods. There is plenty of blame to go around for the causes of the mess and why it isn't fixed. Only a holistic approach will clean up the mess.

WEWS Newschannel 5:

Sold foreclosed homes sit empty longer; Study indicates policy needs to change

In Cuyahoga County, homes that were sold after foreclosure have high vacancy rates two to five years after they are sold. A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland found that foreclosed homes have much higher vacancy rates after auction than other homes.

Foreclosed homes in Cuyahoga are significantly more likely to remain vacant for years, Federal Reserve study finds

Foreclosed homes in Cuyahoga County are more likely to remain vacant up to five years after they're sold compared with homes sold by traditional means, a new study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland has found.

Obama’s Pick for Consumer Agency Has Record of Fighting Banks

Mark Seifert recalls being impressed when Richard Cordray, then theOhio state treasurer, walked into the offices of his Cleveland activist group one day in August 2007.


John Boehner Fights Foreclosure Relief As Housing Crisis Ravages His District

Over the past three years, lawmakers across Ohio have pressed for foreclosure relief, often crossing party lines to do so. But Boehner has never joined the effort. When Rep. Steve Chabot, a fellow Republican whose district borders Boehner's and shares many of its economic hardships, backed a 2008 bill to grant relief to homeowners in bankruptcy courts, Boehner refused to sign on. When Democrats passed a separate foreclosure prevention bill later that year, Boehner blasted it as "a bailout for scam artists and speculators."

WEWS Newschannel 5

Southeast Cleveland neighborhood battles blight

One group dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood around Kinsman and Union Avenues is the Concerned Citizens of Mount Pleasant. According to organizers, Concerned Citizens is comprised of about 120 area residents.

WEWS Newschannel 5

Non-profits at odds over helping Ohio homeowners avoid foreclosure

Dale Martin was one of 20,000 people who hoped the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, or NACA, would help "save his dream" and save his Cleveland home from going into foreclosure.

The Columbus Dispatch

Foreclosure-prevention event has critics

A five-day foreclosure-prevention event starting in Columbus on Friday is billed as "Save the Dream."  But critics use other phrases.


Central Toledo residents meet with TPD

Murders, shootings, stabbings, and robberies.

Several of those crimes happened in the month of April. In Toledo's Central City.

Residents say they're getting fed up with the violence and they're letting Toledo police know just how concerned they are.

These residents with Central City Citizens, say they know how busy police officers can get.  But they want to know if there's something they can do to help, before things get worse.